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If you would like to contact us you may do so by e-mail:  reviews #  just remove the spaces and replace the # with a @.  We do this to cut down on spam.  I'm sure you understand.

If you have a suggetsion about the site we would love to hear about it.  If you have your own review to write about an existing product on the site all you have to do is reply in the comment sections on the product page.  However if the product is not listed you may submit your review to us through e-mail and we will be more then happy to take a look at it and chances are we will post it.  By submitting us your review you give us full rights to the content in the review and we may edit it if we choose to.

For product vendors who wish to have their product reviewed by one of our columnists you may contact us via the e-mail provided.  Please keep in mind that our columnists live all over the US and one in Canada.  It is best to e-mail us first so we can route the right gear to the right person.  However we do not mandate this.  You can send your products directly to

Brain Box Consultants LLC

4232 Cypress Ct

Auburn AL 36830

Please note that all products that do not have a pre-paid shipping return package will not be returned.  If you wish to have the product returned we do require the pre-paid shipping package.  Letting us keep the product will not benefit the review.  If we do not like it we will say so regardless of cost.  If you mail the product before sending us an e-mail it may delay the review.  As stated our reviewers live all over the place so it's always best just to e-mail us and we will tell you the columnists name and address to send it to.

Gaming Products:  We have partnered with Chofly to review all gaming headphones / headsets and other related gaming gear.  Chofly does live tournies for many games but focuses mainly on Starcraft 2.  The announcers will review the product for us and if it's a really nice product they will give you a shout out during tournies to other gamers.